Pennhurst Insane Asylum Lunatic Hospital Jalousie Glass Hospital Medical Sign

Pennhurst Insane Asylum Lunatic Hospital Jalousie Glass Hospital Medical Sign

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Pennhurst Insane Asylum


 Reverse Painted Glass Sign


Pennhurst Insane Asylum was built to educate and care for the mentally disabled, but in a little less than a decade, it became clear they were doing nothing of the sort.  The account of "unsanitary, inhumane and dangerous" conditions led to a successful class action lawsuit. The court found that over 3,000 of the institution's patients were not receiving adequate care, and the institution was subsequently closed.  The hospital was located in Spring City, PA and operated from 1908 to 1987.

This really cool sign is made from antique jealousy glass and is reverse hand painted. Great for the collector and neat decor. Measures about 30" by 4" and about 1/4" thick.  These Black and Gold custom signs have become rare to find these days. If your decorating or designing in different spaces, these signs can add a lot of character. This is made of old antique jealousy glass and reverse painted.

It is a heavier item and we must ship it in a special box to prevent damage.  It is in Great Condition but there could be some minor nicking around the sides from the cutting process I would imagine however it does not take away from the appearance.

There also could be minor scratching of black which can be touched up if you desire.

Displays nicely, great addition to your sports collection or decor!

Measures 30” long x 4" tall.

We describe items as best we can and as we see them. Some details may be missed but not intentionally. Condition of an item is our opinion. If you have any questions on the condition of these items let us know before you purchase!